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Kinesthetic learning is an instructional strategy much deeper and more important than brain breaks.  Author of the book The Kinesthetic Classroom, Mike Kuczala, tells the truth about this teaching style.  He provides actionable tips and specific lesson examples of what kinesthetic teaching looks like and how to best integrate it into any classroom.  This instructional style was a core component of Ken's classroom, and the conversation is rich with authentic reflections.  Mike shares the 6 core foundations of kinesthetic learning and provides specific examples for each pillar.

In This Episode We Cover
  • Defining what kinesthetic learning is not and what it is.

  • The six foundations of kinesthetic learning and specific lesson examples.

    • Preparing the brain​

    • Brain breaks

    • Supporting exercise and fitness

    • Class cohesion

    • Review content

    • Teach content

  • Analysis of kinesthetic lessons and strategies for improvement.​

  • Developing effective classroom management strategies

  • Understanding the brain and how long-term memory is created

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