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On Site Instructional Coaching

Bring the powerED Up experience to your district.  We can meet the needs of your staff with our diverse offerings of instructional coaching.  You could choose to start with one day of professional development, and then add one site visit for embedded coaching.  We can help your teachers with new technology, new instructional strategies, and adjusting the curriculum to the 22nd-century student.

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Keynote Presentations

Teach Like a C.E.O.

The art of facilitating a student centered classroom requires more than "stop being the sage on the stage and become the guide on the side".  The Teach Like a C.E.O system provides strategies to completely shift the entire classroom.

  • Create a Culture of Learners

  • Empower Learners through Instructional Practices

  • Operate Classroom Management with Students' in Charge


The Flexible Classroom

When you start to rethink the design of the physical space for learning, you start to change the way students think about learning.  The type of furniture and the way desks are arranged is important, but the entire approach to the design needs a much bigger picture.

Learn how to empower your students and your learning spaces to motivate students to work.  Whether it is a small classroom, library, or large group areas; this approach will have a major positive impact on the culture of your building.

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