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Powering Education by Empowering You

Vivid Vision

A vivid vision is painting a clear picture, in detail, of exactly how a company will look three years in the future.


The powerED Up website is a resource for all educators centered around collaborative forums. Teachers have a resource to improve their own practice, as well as others,  without strings or adding a credit card. Founder Ken Ehrmann states, “I don’t know where the future of this platform and brand will move, but I GUARANTEE access to engage and participate in the forums will always be free without ads and sponsors cluttering the pages.”  powerED Up has become the central hub for learning and sharing the traits of great teaching.  Pre-service and new teachers are joining the site, instantly connecting with veteran experts.  They are able to ask real questions, share concerns, and look for validation for new ideas.  Veteran teachers can seek out ideas for new technology tools in the ever-changing education marketplace.  Everyone can break away from the restrictions of their four classroom walls and connect with educators anywhere.


Teachers are becoming FREE members of the powerED Up website for the forums.  According to website analytics, the forum has many viewers who read the threads but do not engage in the conversation. “I think it’s great.  One of the many goals of the forums was to create searchable content and conversations.  I’m a huge fan of using social media to share ideas and network, but it’s challenging at times.  The powerED Up forums capture those conversations.  There are no media or character limits.  Most of all, others can easily search and read the conversation.  I’m hopeful they will at one point join and start engaging as well.” says Ken Ehrmann.


There are no restrictions on the topics.  There are many other educational forums, but they are all based around a specific product or tool.  This platform cuts through those threads.  A long-time member and middle school teacher states,  “I just enjoy the ability to ask a simple question and receive real answers, from real teachers in classrooms.  To me, those are the experts I want to engage with.”  Teaching is an extremely challenging profession.  It is very easy to feel like you are on an island in your own classroom.  powerED Up is building bridges for teachers to connect.


The forums are also starting to become a place for teachers to create content as they stretch themselves.  The profession is filled with many educators who start blogs, professional websites and pursue opportunities outside of the classroom.  “We are starting to see many teachers use the forums to share content consistently.  I love it.  They are providing other members with rich ideas and allowing themselves to have a safe place to grow.  I tried to do that many times and always failed.  One of my biggest hang-ups was a place to share content.  Now they have that.  We have some writing blogs for us, and others writing their own.  It is all positive in my viewpoint, this platform is about growing and sharing.” states Ken Ehrmann.


The powerED Up podcast has consistently grown over the past three years.  “Our number one goal and metric when we started was to not miss a week and provide a quality product.  The quality product has developed over time, and we are constantly working on our craft to improve.  We haven’t missed a week yet, and no plans to do so in the future.”  The podcast is focused on talking to educators.  A large majority of the guests are classroom teachers, but they have had principals, district-level administrators, authors, and speakers.  What is interesting about the podcast, is even when they host high-level authors, we get to hear about them in the classroom.  “I think it is a lot of fun,” remarks co-host Matt Rogers, “we are talking with authors that are well known in education, but we get to hear about them when they were in the classroom.  It brings a great perspective and also makes it very clear why they are so successful.”


However, just as the website is focused on empowering educators through the forums, that is at the root of the podcast. “It’s nice to get big names on the show, but for me, the conversations with classroom teachers are the best.  It’s amazing how each teacher does something special to make the school unique for its students.  I have added so many ideas and lessons to my classroom because of this podcast.” says Matt Rogers.


Future of powerED Up

“The future is growth,” states Ken Ehrmann. “My top priority is to continue growing the forums.  There are millions of educators in our country, and around the world.  The power of everything is empowering others.  This brand is about others, not any one individual.  The podcast will continue to serve as an opportunity for the brand to grow and the message to reach new audiences.”


Blogging and video content is a space Ehrmann wants to see the website grow.  He is hopeful more and more educators will become contributing members to the powerED Up resources. Anyone can write on the forums; blogging and creating video content requires an approval process.  “We have some contributing members for our blogs and video content. They have applied or networked with me in the past.  We are always looking for new contributors.  I remember when I was young in my career I had an interest in blogging.  First I had to create a website to host the articles.  Then, I wrote five or six articles, but I had no audience.  There was so much resistance to get started.  My goal here is the platform and audience are already established.  I hope to see young bloggers move on and establish their own or continue to write for us for years.”  The mission of powerED Up is clear.  It is truly focused on empowering educators.  There is no secondary agenda.


The newest phase for powerED Up is developing connections with ed-tech companies and providing opportunities to its members.  Ehrmann is exploring options of members gaining premium access to particular applications at prices school districts can typically only achieve.  “I am talking with some great ed-tech companies about our members, gaining access to licenses.  It is power in numbers.  I can remember, there were conversations about purchasing ed-tech tools for a district, and so many of them were seen as good tools, but not enough people would use them.  I respected those decisions, but some teachers really could benefit.  Now we might be able to have teachers earn those licenses through our platform.  I could see the platform having a premium membership that would require payment, to gain access to all of these additional perks.  The main goal would be to give teachers access at a discounted rate.”


Thank You

Ken Ehrmann is very appreciative of every member, and more importantly ALL educators.  “I’ve learned so much about education and teaching through the forums and podcast.  I always knew how amazing educators were, but I’m amazed at how many special educators there are across the country.”  


The powerED Up platform is going to change the face of education in the future.  

Our Mission


In education, we often find ourselves floating on an island.  This community was established by a teacher, for teachers. Our top priority is to create a safe, productive, engaging, and inspiring space for educators to ask questions, share ideas, and collaborate to innovate their own learning spaces.

This is a place where the community is greater than any single individual.  Learning is our top priority, and we learn from each member of this community.  Whether you are looking for a new instructional strategy, unsure of new technology tools, or teaching a new unit for the first time ask questions to help you grow your confidence and craft.

Student at the Library

Your Role, Your Opportunity 

We encourage you to make the most of this community.  The forums are open for anyone to read through to learn.  When you are ready to participate, start your FREE membership.  The forums is a space for your to ask questions, but also to share your expertise and content.  If you are an educator on the path of growth, this is a growing community to start to share your ideas and content.  You can decide what role you play to help grow this community.

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