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Aug 3, 2023

Student Centered Learning

Student-Centered learning is a phrase thrown around education, and there is fluff around it. This is a foundational instructional strategy, at its core, is sound in practice.  The approach to student-centered learning has become blurred. Cory Henwood joins the podcast again to break this down into a conversation about how and why to implement it.

  • Student-centered learning is not small-group instruction. Small group instruction is one component of student-centered learning.

  • “When can students get the best of me?” When they are working with me one-on-one or in a small group.

  • There is no correct method; there are core principles to evaluate and how to embed this style of instruction in your classroom.

  • Finding the right amount of scaffolding to support students but not offering too much off the bat.

  • It is easy to become hung up on the resources.  It is an important hurdle to overcome, but it can be made simpler.

Connect with Cory on Twitter: @CoryHenwood

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