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Jul 20, 2023

Show 130, Summer PD Series: Digging Deep on Relationships

In every podcast we hear from our guests, relationships matter. Care for the students, be real, be present, etc.  This is, without a doubt, true, but how do we do it well? This podcast digs deep on this question and forces our guests to create a guide for how teachers can create successful relationships with students. Bethany Petty and Candace Young join the show to help peel back the onion on this topic.

  • As new teachers, we must establish a strong classroom management level. It’s hard to see where the line is.

  • We are not there to teach the content but to teach the kids.

  • Kindness is free, and kindness is essential.

  • If you want students to feel they are seen, see them. When they are talking to you, give them your undivided attention.  Truly. 

  • Breaking down the barriers and letting students see us for who we are and how we live our own lives.

Bethany Petty’s Twitter: @BethanyPetty

Bethany Petty’s Website:

Candace Young’s Twitter: @CandaceYoung37

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