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Jun 29, 2023

Show 127, Summer PD Series 2: Adjusting to Change

Teachers are potentially going through small or big changes to prepare for the new curriculum, classrooms, courses, grade levels, or maybe even a new school. The summer is a great time to reflect, goal setting, and mentally prepare.  

  • Reflect on your core teaching values that are non-negotiable aspects of your classroom.  Think about how to protect these core values in your new situation.

  • It’s essential to be intentional with how you are preparing for your new set of expectations and students.

  • For departmentalized elementary or secondary teachers, ensure the first period doesn’t always see the first rendition of your lesson.  Shift your schedule so they get the second or third lesson in the day.

  • Strategies for handling the dynamics of the new team members in your position change. How do you bring experience to the team while maintaining respect for how it’s organized?

  • Students can sense when a team of teachers is aligned, and students must see that.

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