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Ken Ehrmann

Ken is the founder of powerED Up and host of the podcast.

He serves the Pennridge School District as a secondary instructional coach.  Previously he taught STEM and fifth grade.  He is passionate about upgrading every classroom to be student-centered and student-led.

He is a dedicated husband and father of three beautiful children with his wife Stephany.

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Matt Rogers

Matt is the co-host of the powerED Up podcast.

He serves Pequa School District as a fourth-grade teacher after spending the first half of his career teaching-learning support. Matt is dedicated to the success of every child in his classroom and will do anything to bring a smile to their face.

He is a dedicated husband to his wife Kriston, who also teacher fourth grade in the same district.

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Cleburne County School District
- Alabama

From the initial teleconference with Ken I asked for specific Alabama standards to be used in examples for the materials and I was delighted to see them on the slides he prepared. It makes such a difference to be taught by a classroom teacher!


East Penn School District
- Pennsylvania

I respect and admire Ken’s approach of letting teachers do what they feel comfortable with but also making them step outside their comfort zone to create a new comfort zone. I never felt pressured because he never told me what to do. Ken let me take control of my learning but he was always there to support me and guide me through learning and trying new things.

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Lamar Consolidated Independent School District
- Texas

This session allowed a hands on opportunity to learn and actually see how easy it can be to integrate technology into your lessons. It was awesome  because we did many hands on activities and it was also a self learning/supported learning environment. He was very knowledgeable and made you feel at ease in learning the material.


Teachers love to learn from, work with, and find inspiration from other teachers.  Our keynote presentations are stories and examples from teachers in the classrooms.

  • Teach Like a C.E.O. 

    • Student-centered learning experiences​

  • The Flexible Classroom​

    • Instruction, Management, and Classroom Design all aligned for student empowerment​

Ken Ehrmann was very inspiring and shared a wonderful perspective that was so important for all of us to hear. I absolutely love the student-centered approach that he utilizes. I do that in my role, as well, but could definitely be more creative and take risks more in the way I conduct small groups and coordinate whole school initiatives. I would love to include the students in that process more.

- Avon Grove Charter Teacher        



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